Retreat into yourself to go deeper. Retreat from your Self to expand.

Direct energy transmissions is something huge missing from your self-care routine

We take care of the body through exercising and of the mind through practices like meditation and mindfulness. Both are essential but dependant on the power of your will and discipline.

Even though we are constantly exchanging energy with our surroundings, we are mostly a closed system and it can be hard to overcome our own stagnant patterns.

Receiving life-force energy transmissions is an act of surrender, not of the will. It allows you access the higher wisdom within and channel universal consciousness to help you clear your energetic pathways, supporting all other self-development processes.

It completes and enhances the trinity between Mind, Body & Spirit.

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Share the gift of Self-Healing

The perfect way to introduce someone to the world of direct energy transmissions and create that first spark that may lead your loved ones on their own paths of consciousness expansion.

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Open your eyes and jump

It takes courage and resolution to look inwards. Even the happiest person on earth still has a lot to learn about one's Self.

There is no limit to self-awareness, healing and evolution 💫

Self- Introduction

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