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Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops

Curated monthly special events and ceremonies at the Self-Retreat Studio designed to nourish the mind, body & soul!

Read event formats below:

🍃Somatic Breathwork Circle

Welcome to our Somatic Breathwork Circle at the Self-Retreat Studio with Jasmine - a fusion of conscious connected breathwork, embodied movement and therapeutic sound, designed to bring about deep states of healing.

  • Exploring a different theme each month, we offer an experience to:
  • Awaken sensations and connections within the body,
  • Release and integrate repressed emotions,
  • Unravel subconscious patterns and beliefs,
  • Gain self-awareness and personal insights,
  • Access altered states of bliss consciousness.

Conscious connected breathwork is known to:

  • Build resilience within the nervous system,
  • Improve mental health,
  • Enhance creativity.

In each session, you can expect:

  • Introduction to the style of breathwork and the month's theme,
  • Grounding practices to prepare your nervous system,
  • A 60-minute breathe lying down,
  • Time for integration and optional sharing within the group.

Jasmine uses a somatic and trauma-informed approach to guide the body into a deeply embodied state, where the natural healing process begins.

Our Somatic Breathwork Circle convenes monthly and whether you're new to breathwork or a regular practitioner, all are welcome within our space. We look to hold a safe and nurturing place where breathers can partake in a unique journey, collectively sharing and amplifying the energy of the group.


What is somatic breathwork?
It is a powerfully therapeutic technique, known as conscious connected breathwork. Connecting the inhale with the exhale, using embodied movement and sound to bring us into connection with our body. It can be an activating practice, where we stimulate the nervous system in a safe and intentional way.

What is a breathwork circle?
It’s a safe space, where we land monthly in community to use the breath as a tool for healing. We begin by introducing the theme, explaining the breathwork and ways to intensify or soften the journey. You will then lie down and follow the rhythm of the music with your breath. There is time for integration with optional shares at the end.

What can I expect to feel?
The charge that we build is eventually released from the body, allowing us to:

  • Enter transcendental flow states
  • Receive great clarity and insight
  • Release suppressed emotions
  • Connect deeply with our intuitive self

What is the facilitator's background of training?
Jasmine has a trauma-informed, somatic approach and will guide you through the whole process. As a qualified breathwork coach, sound therapist and yoga teacher she will safely support you throughout the session.

What benefits can I expect from the session?

  • A natural built resiliency within your nervous system
  • Deeper connection with yourself and your body
  • A healthy outlet for ‘difficult emotions’ such as anger, resentment, bitterness
  • Connection with a like-minded compassionate community
  • Space held for you to feel whatever it is you need to feel

Is any prior experience with breathwork or meditation necessary?
Breathers and meditators of all levels of experience are welcome; the whole process will be explained on the day. Conscious connected breath helps quiet the prefrontal cortex, known as the monkey mind, so those who have struggled with meditation in the past have found this to change their experience.

I have a heart/respiratory condition/pregnancy, can I still join?
Everyone is welcome in this space, whatever you are navigating. Conscious connected breathing won’t be suitable for everyone, so a different style of breathing will be provided for you. In this case, please inform Jasmine on the day.

How should I prepare?
We suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothing, with space around your belly, ribs, and chest. We recommend avoiding consuming a large meal two hours before the session.

♨️Cacao & Reiki Ceremony

Let's explore the transformative power of a Cacao Ceremony combined with a powerful Reiki transmission at the Full Moon, creating a sacred space for personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual connection. Guided by Bianca, founder of Self-Retreat.

Here's what you can expect:

Ceremonial-grade Cacao:

Sourced from from small, Indigenous, family-owned businesses rooted in authentic Mayan traditions and values, preserving a rich cultural heritage that has been passed down for centuries. Cacao is known as the "food of the gods." In its pure form, it offers a powerful and heart-opening experience. Before consuming the cacao, participants are guided to set a personal intention for what they wish to experience or release during the ceremony.

Guided Meditation:

We begin with guided meditation to slow the mind and open the heart. This communion between cacao and your highest self sets the stage for transformation. The full moon sets the stage for enhanced awareness and elevated consciousness.

Reiki Transmission:

We potentialise the heart-opening effect of cacao by receiving a long direct transmission of Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki energy incorporated into the ceremony with a beautiful soundtrack. The energy is guided through the 7 chakras clearing energetic blockages while promoting relaxation, balance, and creating a gateway for deep healing.

Sharing Circle & Journaling:

Share your experiences with others in a supportive environment or simply take time to right down your insights if you want to remain in a more introspective state.

The ceremony last 1h30min, allowing you to deeply connect with your inner world, receive messages from your higher self, and welcome guidance from the divine.

Remember that cacao is not just about taste; it's about transformation—nourishing both body and spirit. Participants often report emotional releases, heightened intuition, and a newfound sense of community and connection.

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Who will host you

Meet the guides...

Jasmine | Finding Balance with Jasmine

Hi, I am Jasmine - Scorpio sun, moon and Cancer rising. I have a fascination and love for the human body and the lived experiences we all hold as a story within them. Initially training as a dancer, I developed a neglectful relationship with myself and suffered from fatigue, burnout and poor mental health. This drew me toward holistic modalities of moving, breathing and being.

I am now a space holder for therapeutic focused yoga, an inward enquiry of the patterns of physical tension and discomfort we might be holding onto in the tissues; breathwork that guides us to release suppressed emotional charge we store within the body; and sound therapy to harmonies the nervous system and energies within us.

My commitment is to guide you back into connection with yourself, reminding you of your innate and powerful healing potential.

Bianca | Founder of Self-Retreat

Reiki Master Teacher in Usui Shiki Ryoho, Karuna Reiki® & Holy Fire® III World Peace

I am a certified UK Reiki Federation Member and have been initiated so far by 2 different Masters with traceable lineages to Usui Sensei, the founder of modern Reiki.

I first learned traditional Usui Reiki from my dad. Yes, he was my first Master, and this is a beautiful bond we will share forever! 

After becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, my intuition guided me to expand my knowledge and techniques through Karuna Reiki® & Holy Fire® Reiki which I learned directly from the master who channelled them. Both are evolutionary forms of traditional Reiki and are powerful yet gentle and noticeably more refined as they comes from a higher level of consciousness.

My ceremonies are mostly based on Holy Fire® & Karuna Reiki® with a mix of guided meditations, visualisation and amazing music!

On a personal note, my friends and clients also felt a big increase in the quality of my transmissions since my Kundalini was awakened and integrated.