Self- Introduction

Hey, I'm Bianca, founder of my Self-

What about your Self? What brings you here?

Limitless Growth

My life changed after a spiritual awakening in 2021. An unexpected and powerful spark that has set me on a path deep into the purpose of my existence to find a way to light-up that same first spark in other people's lives in hope that they will also open their eyes and walk their own path.

Working on yourself is the best thing you can do for the world and the change you want see out there always starts inside you.

It takes courage and resolution to look inwards. Even the happiest person on earth still has a lot to learn about one's self. There is no limit to self-awareness, healing and evolution.

Energy is Real

I was one of those people who used to say
"I don't believe in God, I believe in energy".

But my old Self had absolutely no idea of how palpable that energy really is and how it affects our lives directly.

Most of us think of energy as an abstract metaphysical concept and as most people I was very sceptical about tales of what is considered to be the mystical side of it. Until I had my first direct experience.

Energy is real.

You can physically grasp it, feel it and use it as a powerful transformational tool by allowing it to heal you.

There is an intelligent healing force within each one of us. We need to acknowledge it in order to channel it and embrace it in our lives.

We need to nurture ourselves. Be kind to our Self, for we are ever learning and ever evolving - when we choose to do so.

Align your Self

We are all made of energy each person vibrates at a different frequency and our energy field interacts with the energy field around us, be it people or places.

Throughout life we end up accumulating a lot of energy from traumas, experiences and from our surroundings in our bodies, which can prevent our vital energy from flowing freely.

Energy healing techniques help recalibrate our body's energy centre, clearing blockages and stagnant energy by bringing new energy to a once closed system.

As our own energy starts to circulate more efficiently, we increase our frequency, and this allows us to interact in a different way with everything around us. This will bring to the surface certain situations or behaviours that we need to work on, and by doing so our life starts changing because we are changing the status quo.

Walk your path

You can read all the poetry in the world but you will only truly know love when you live it. It is only by experiencing something that we can truly understand it and learn.

Allow your Self to experience.

Every path is unique and your journey is your own, but you don't have to walk it alone.


Retreat into yourself to go deeper. Retreat from your Self to expand.