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Kundalini Activation

Kundalini Activation

The UK's first studio dedicated to Kundalini Activations & Non Dual Transmissions! Weekly sessions in London & Online. Hosted by Bianca Timotheo, founder of Self-Retreat.

What is Kundalini Activation?

Read below everything you need to know about this groundbreaking modality of direct energy transmission!

Check session formats:

60min or 90min Open Class

Open Classes are done in a group setting and open to everyone.


Duration of 2 hours, split in 60min of energy transmission + 60min for intro, demo, sharing and questions.

⚠️To join ONLINE, choose the 90min option below and use promo code ONLINE60 to get £20 off


This extra long session gives you the opportunity to dive deeper with 50% extra transmission time.

Duration of 2h30m, split in 90min of energy transmission + 60min for intro, demo, sharing and questions.

⚠️To join ONLINE, choose the 90min option below and use promo code ONLINE90 to get £30 off

Tip: Bianca & Ellie host 90min open classes together every full moon at the Self-Retreat Studio. It's already a classic within the KAP London community and not to be missed! Recommended to book in advance.

Go Deeper

Go Deeper sessions are done in a group setting only for clients who have already attended an Open Class with Bianca.

There is no introduction and we jump straight to demo, sharing and questions. The group energy will be stronger as all participants are already activated.

Duration of 1.5 hours, split in 60min of energy transmission + 30min of sharing circle.

Hosted only once a month. Do not book this if you are not Bianca's client already.

⚠️To join ONLINE, choose the 90min option below and use promo code ONLINEGODEEPER to get £20 off

Private Sessions

For 1 person

Please reach out to arrange a date before booking.

Private Sessions can be done either online or in-person.

The first session will a have a duration of 2h to allow enough time for introductions and following sessions will last 1h30m.

Private In-Person sessions are hosted at the Self-Retreat Studio in London unless previously agreed otherwise.

For a group of friends

Please get in touch for group prices and dates.

This can be also be arranged for outside of London!

Non Dual Immersions


  • 19 May 2024 with Bianca & Ellie
  • ⚡️Get 10% off for this new 1- day format!
  • We curated a new format for this Immersion to create a continuous fluid experience in just one day instead of having a gap between 2 days.

⚠️You must have attended at least 1 Kundalini Activation session before joining a Non Dual Immersion. The deeper your experiences have been in class the more you’ll get out of this weekend.


  • 10:00am - 4:00pm
  • Opening, intros & explanation
  • 90 minute Kundalini activation transmission
  • Lunch break (raw vegan lunch provided)
  • Intro to non duality & non dual teachings and explanations
  • 3x Non Dual transmissions
  • Integration circle & sharing

*Option to attend just the 90 min Kundalini activation session, within the container of this Non Dual Immersion. Being within this energy, this session will be significantly deeper and have a higher likelihood of non-dual experiences within these sessions. Book this via the 90min option*


1 day workshop with a 90min extra long Kundalini Activations followed by 3 different Non Dual transmissions.

Receiving Kundalini Activations has a cumulative effect and joining an immersion will allow you to dive way deeper into the energy and your own process.

A non-dual immersion is an opportunity to significantly expand your consciousness. The objective is for you to experience multiple non-dual states of being, so that you can start to find new paths back to consciousness, back to the real you.

You will receive 3 different types of transmissions that will permeate your energy system. The combination of these transmissions stimulate a profound and lasting acceleration of your awakening.


Non-duality has been around for many years. Most oriental traditions have a non-dual school. In Japanese Buddhism, it is Zen. In Chinese Buddhism, it is Dzochen. In Hinduism it is called Advaita, which literally means not-two. All schools come to the same conclusion, non-duality is feeling the Self, the reality of what we are: a unique manifestation of consciousness. When we feel presence inside us, we are overwhelmed by the reality we are all one and connected through our true essence. Coming to this realisation can be truly liberating, as it frees us from the perceived constructs of human life.

From a theoretical stand point, the concept of “oneness” or “non-dual” can be easily understood. Even if you are just reading about this for the first time, but feel deeply connected to the concept, know this. What can be truly life changing is not understanding the concept, but being able to embody it. To truly feel the presence of source inside you and commune with your own spark brings upon real changes on how you perceive manifested reality.

The answer to what is non-duality or living in a state of non-duality is simple and all the schools agree. To be non-dual means being the self, being presence; which translates to letting the self manifest through your body in the purest way possible. This Non Dual Immersion is a safe space to be just that.


An opportunity to go much deeper into the states of consciousness available through Kundalini activity, which includes non-dual states of awareness.

In this weekend immersion multiple transmissions permeate your energy system in a profound and lasting way to accelerate Kundalini development.

One participant reported a feeling of "melting in love until no one is left, only this ever-present aliveness. Empty radiance."

A safe space to heal, rest and reset, find completion, make break throughs, discover new dimensions of awareness, and attune your system to increasingly higher frequencies of consciousness.

Deep personal healing, greater awareness, clarity, revelation, insight, and a true spiritual homecoming can be realized.

The effects of a Non Dual Intensive last for several weeks after the event wherein positive personal and life changes are made potentially more accessible. And the new pathways into consciousness that are opened are yours to keep.

Anyone with a spiritual practice will find their relationship to the All-That-Is more tangible.

Transmission is a method that gives a direct pathway to consciousness states and spiritual realization, it is the path of grace and surrender. All you need to do is show up, relax, and receive.


Going out socialising/partying is not recommended during the immersion if you want to gain as much as possible from the experience.


Please note this event has a 7 day cancellation policy. After this time, unfortunately we cannot offer any refunds or credits.


Ellie Petschek & Bianca Timotheo are certified facilitators of Kundalini & Non Dual activation, ex-KAP Academy members.

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A Kundalini Activation is


Why should you try a Kundalini Activation?

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word used to describe a dormant primal life force energy that rests at the base of the spine. It is the most evolutionary force that we all have within and it is humanity’s birth right to activate it. When kundalini energy is unleashed, it flows upward through the seven chakras (energy centres) to the top of the head, balancing the energetic body and accessing expanded consciousness.

A kundalini awakening is a powerful experience of enhanced self-awareness, spiritual connection, bliss, and is a gateway for personal transformation.

A direct transmission of Kundalini is different from any classic self-generating kundalini practice. It’s a descending life force that works its way toward the root, and eventually activates the kundalini there and starts to flow both ways. This creates a more powerful but gradual awakening process than most people have ever experienced and is often described as very natural. Practitioners generally go through this awakening while also staying grounded and connected to their bodies and this world.

No previous experience required.⁠ Different to self-generating practices like kundalini yoga, breathwork, tantra or chi-gong there is nothing you need to “do”. You simply lay down on the mat to receive a direct energy transmission and open up to what may arise. In a session, the facilitator touches or presses some of the chakra or meridian points on your body. That’s it. That’s all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story…

From feeling an electric current flowing through your skin, to intense emotional release and visions. Spontaneous body movements can and do arise. Some consider it a cathartic experience or something that gives them deep insights or realizations. But these are just a few of the wide range of things you can experience in a session. More essentially, a profound rewiring of the energetic body and central nervous system can be achieved through frequent exposure.

Participants report deep personal healing, clarity, strengthened intuition, shifts in perception of reality, a capacity to feel more deeply, living with a more open heart, bliss states, spiritual awakenings… the list goes on. It affects every aspect of their lives and results in them making lifestyle choices more suited to them.

Still wondering?

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no previous experience with energy, can I still attend?

YES! Experienced or not, the best way to show up for a class is with a beginner’s mind. If you are sensitive to this energy it has nothing to do with previous experience. It is about feeling, not knowing.. All you have to do is to relax and have an open mind.

What happens DURING a session?

In a session, you lie down on a yoga mat. A powerful curated playlist is played. The facilitator touches or presses some of the chakra or meridian points on your body. That’s it. That’s all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story…

Spontaneous movements can and do arise. Some consider it a cathartic experience or something that gives them deep insights or realizations. But these are just some of the side effects that can and do happen.

A profound rewiring of the energetic body and central nervous system happens with continued exposure. Every “symptom” or sign of a kundalini awakening, from the earliest signs to the later end manifestations, are seen regularly in participants.

What happens AFTER a session?

It is a very individual process.

There is a whole range of things that may happen after a class, including the early to the later signs of kundalini awakening.

This energy lineage holds a wide range of frequencies beneficial for higher states of consciousness and spiritual growth in addition to the traditional kundalini awakening signs.

This process cleanses and your energetic pathways and connects you to your higher-self/source. It will look different for each individual.

Clarity is perhaps the most reported effect amongst participants. Moving from a state of "wondering what is good for you" to a state of "knowing what you should do", creating a natural space for taking action.

What is the difference between an in-person transmission & online?

The online classes are not much different to the in person classes. Some people are more comfortable to relax and receive the energy in a group setting while others are more comfortable in their homes. This can affect the intensity one feels in a session.

Some people find the energy to be slightly milder online while others feel like it’s equally powerful. Beginners might need one or a few more classes to activate than they would have in person.

Who should NOT attend a session?

Not recommended for people with epilepsy or for those prone to mania, delusion or psychosis.

As this process will expand your capacity to feel you will have to be able to handle the emotional process in between sessions. If this is too difficult to handle on your own, we recommend you not to continue with the sessions.

I am going through an spontaneous kundalini awakening, should I still attend?

Yes! The strong grounding aspect of this transmission can help integrate your spontaneous awakening. Especially over time as you work through the initial heavy load to find balance.

I am depressed/anxious, can I still attend?

Yes. Just be aware that if you’re on antidepressant medication there is a possibility that you could be less sensitive to the energy.

I am pregnant, can I still attend?

Before the third trimester it is ok to attend as long as you are feeling well and can without problems participate in activities such as gym activities or yoga, for example.

If you are in your third trimester we recommend you to wait until after birth to continue with the transmissions.

Always let your facilitator know that you are pregnant before a session. It is the clients responsibility to know their individual limitations recommended by their doctor and to be aware of what positions to avoid that can be harmful to mother or baby.