Aura Crystals

Black Obsidian:
An incredible crystal for both cleansing negativity within your own aura and harmful energy from your surroundings shielding you against psychic attacks. We tend to mostly blame external forces for what happens to us, when in fact we self-sabotage with destructive behavioural patterns we are not even aware of. Black Obsidian fosters honest self-reflection in personal transformation towards your authentic Self. The best way to protect yourself if raising your energetic frequency above what inflicts you.

Clear Quartz:
A powerful tool to magnify the intentions bestowed by Reiki energy on our Daily Ritual Products and also your own when using them. Encompassing the full colour spectrum in its prismatic core, Clear Quartz aligns with any frequency to boost healing and balance by facilitating the connection with your higher-Self.

After using:
All the crystals used in our products score high enough in Mohs' Scale to be safely infused and cleansed in water without compromising its properties or quality. After using your Self-Retreat product, you can:
1- Continue using the original crystal with our Refills.
2- Add the crystals to your personal collection.
3- & Our favourite: Give it to a friend who needs it ❤️